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About Us

Soaring Kite Books

Founded in April 2020, Soaring Kite Books is an award-winning small independent publisher formed to give a voice and a presence to underrepresented main characters in children's books. According to 2019 children's publishing statistics, characters with diverse racial or ethnic backgrounds make up only 27% of children's books. While children can learn important values from book characters of any background, it builds children's confidence and self-esteem to see and read literature featuring characters that look like them. Are you passionate about representation too? We'd love for you to support us.


Mission & Vision

Our mission is to create books that celebrate underrepresented main characters.


Our vision is to build a collection of books by diverse authors that parents and readers can trust.

Storytelling Pillars


We value and amplify diverse voices through storytelling because we know that representation matters.



The importance of family is at the core of our lives as well as our books.


We aim to build the self-esteem and confidence of our readers by celebrating diversity and individuality.




Our books embrace our mantra, "Above All, Be Kind", which is needed now more than ever.

Our Team
- Ceece Kelley, Publisher & Founder -

Ceece Kelley is the founder of Soaring Kite Books. She has a background in brand marketing and creative services and a Master of Liberal Arts from Harvard University. She enjoys working with illustrators, graphic designers, and editors to bring her visions to life and into the hands of readers.


After welcoming her first child, Ceece felt compelled to introduce him to a variety of children's books including timeless classics, empowering current releases, and books with characters that look just like him.  


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Photo Credit: Hugo Thambert

Luz Maria Mack
SKB Team Photos - Erica .png
Erica Kim
SKB Team Photos (39).png
Sarah Buckner
SKB Team Photos (40).png
Delia Ruiz
SKB Team Photos - Marzieh.png
Marzieh Abbas
SKB Team Photos - Debasmita .png
Debasmita Dasgupta
Emily Joof
SKB Team Photos (43).png
Prasha Sooful
SKB Team Photos (45).png
Darren Lopez
SKB Team Photos - Jade Wang.png
Jade Wang
SKB Team Photos (42).png
Charity Reid
SKB Team Photos - Humera.png
Humera Malik
SKB Team Photos - Anita.png
Anita Mishra
SKB Team Photos (47).png
Sawyer Cloud
SKB Team Photos (49).png
Stephany Mesa
SKB Team Photos - Paula.png
Paula Ortiz
SKB Team Photos (52).png
Geeta Ladi
SKB Team Photos (45).png
Graziela Andrade
SKB Team Photos - Betania.png
Betania Zacarias
SKB Team Photos (48).png
Chloe Guevara
SKB Team Photos (50).png
Asma Enayeh
SKB Team Photos - Marina.png
Marina Halak
SKB Team Photos (53).png
Bhagya Madanasinghe 
SKB Team Photos - Tammy.png
Tammy Do
SKB Team Photos - Dominique.png
Dominique Davis
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