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Georgie Dupree
New Series!

The Georgie Dupree series features a spunky Black elementary student, a loving Black family that reminds you of your own, and classmates of all backgrounds and abilities as they learn lessons of resilience, self-confidence, and the power of positivity.

Georgie Dupree Drawn to Friends Book Cov
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Dear Mama's
Loving Arms

Dear Mama's Loving Arms is a heartwarming story told from the perspective of a child about the importance of a mother's embrace. Dear Mama and Baby love to laugh and play all day. But what happens when Baby can't be in Dear Mama's arms? Maybe Dear Mama can be in Baby's dreams...


Fall 2022 Titles

We have four culturally rich titles joining our catalog this fall. Pre-order our books to discover how Georgie Dupree and her friends learn the importance of teamwork, a curious grandson uncovers the secret of the plátanos from his abuela, the unbreakable thread between parent and child grows but never breaks, and the different ways to eat kimchi while learning the days of the week.

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Teacher Resources

From coloring pages to K-2nd grade lesson plans, we've created a variety of teacher resources for our books, because education and reading comprehension is important to us! Subscribe to be the first to know when the teacher resources are released.

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Our Mission

Meet our founder, Ceece Kelley, and learn more about our mission in this short clip:

Meet Our Founder
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Industry Reviews

“This picture book’s rhythmic language is as comforting as the swaying of a loving mother’s arms; a sweet lulling, naptime read. Subtle touches like 'I lift up my sleep sack...' make this addition to the new baby genre feel fresh and modern.

"The acknowledgement of the child's perception of motherly love is also especially nicely done, and is rare in a picture book world presented from adult viewpoints: 'No nap, Dear Mama! I smile sweetly and bat my long lashes. But nap time is calling me.'"

"5 STARS! Ceece Kelley's 'Dear Mama's Loving Arms' celebrates the love and closeness of an infant and his mother. This is a grand selection for a bedtime story or perhaps just before a nap."

Claire Moore, Manhattan Beach Library CA, School Library Journal

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer,

Midwest Book Review

Jack Magnus, Reviewer,

Readers' Favorite

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