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Georgie Dupree: Drawn to Friends         (Book 1)

Georgie Dupree: Drawn to Friends (Book 1)

SKU: 05182021
$18.99 Regular Price
$9.50Sale Price

Georgie Dupree loves to have fun with her friends, but what happens when she moves to a new city where she doesn’t have a single one?


When the usually bubbly and ever-so-spunky Georgie can’t find any kids her age in her new neighborhood, she has to get creative to draw them out. She needs a fool-proof plan to help her make new friends... and fast. But how will she do it?


Dear Mama’s Loving Arms author Ceece Kelley and debut illustrator Chloe Guevara team up to tell the vibrant story of a little girl who needs the slightest nudge to discover the art of friendship. Each book is signed by the author!

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