Countdown to Our First Title!

-  Launching Wednesday, September 16th, 2020 -

Our First Title:

Dear Mama's Loving Arms

This fall we are publishing our imprint's first title, Dear Mama's Loving Arms. This touching story about the importance of a mother's embrace and the joy it brings to children is told from the witty perspective of a child. This book is a reminder to all mothers to stop and enjoy the bond we share with our children even when it is most challenging, like those days where all baby wants is to be held. 


We are only days away from our pre-sale campaign launch where you can buy an early release copy of the book and receive early supporter rewards! 

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Soothing, lyrical and sweet, 'Dear Mama's Loving Arms' is a lullaby of love, sure to resonate with anyone who knows the joys of holding their little one.

Glenys Nellist, author of The Wonder That is You and the Snuggle Time series.

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Our illustrator, Sawyer Cloud, in her element! Meet the team.

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