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The Georgie Dupree series is an empowering set of books for children ages 4-8 years old, which features a spunky Black elementary student, a loving Black family that reminds you of your own, and classmates of all backgrounds and abilities!
We are launching THREE series books in ONE big pre-sale in order to fund our print runs. You can pre-order our debut title, Drawn to Friends, OR you can pre-order all THREE books for the Kickstarter-exclusive Georgie Dupree Subscription.
Take a look at our series titles:
Drawn to Friends
Our debut book, Drawn to Friends, teaches lessons of resilience and overcoming adversity. Georgie loves to have fun with her friends, but what happens when she moves to a new city where she doesn’t have a single one? Georgie has to get creative to draw them out and we can't wait to show you how!
With your help, this title will release May 2021.
Classroom Confidence
Our back-to-school special, Classroom Confidence, teaches self-confidence and conquering first day jitters by using empowering classroom affirmations. It includes an affirmation for your child to repeat and sign to start off the school year in a powerful way! With your help, this title will release August 2021.
Sharing the Stage
Our winter release, Sharing the Stage, teaches the power of positivity when Georgie doesn’t get that coveted part in the school play but then she learns there are many ways to shine. With your help, this title will release December 2021.
Help us bring these important stories to life!
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