Dear Mama's Loving Arms 
Pre-sale Campaign

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A first edition, early release hardcover copy of our debut title, Dear Mama's Loving Arms, will soon be available to you! Through our pre-sale campaign, you will have access to limited edition book bundle packages and early supporter rewards - we can't wait to reveal these special items on launch day!
Dear Mama's Loving Arms is a touching story about the importance of a mother's embrace and the joy it brings to children told from the witty perspective of a child. This book is a reminder to all mothers to stop and enjoy the bond we share with our children even when it is most challenging, like those days where all baby wants is to be held. 
Despite longing for Dear Mama's embrace, Baby learns to defeat the big, bad daily nap time separation by joining Dear Mama in adventurous safari dreams inspired by Baby's stuffed giraffe pal, Raffie.
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