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2023 Titles

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Also available in Spanish


Praise for Soaring Kite Books

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“As the mother cuddles, feeds, and plays with her young child, readers experience a full day through its eyes. This picture book’s rhythmic language is as comforting as the swaying of a loving mother’s arms; a sweet lulling, naptime read. Subtle touches like 'I lift up my sleep sack...' make this addition to the new baby genre feel fresh and modern.”

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"Abuela’s dance moves lead the way: “One step…Two steps…And jump as we turn!” Flavored by their childhoods in the Dominican Republic, Mack and Mesa’s collaboration buzzes with sweet warmth. As the young nighttime dancer strains to listen, Abuela shares a dreamlike truth that will linger with readers. An evocative and earnest nighttime reverie."

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"The young Korean girl who narrates eats kimchi every day. However, her diet is far from monotonous. She eats it fried, stewed, in a roll, on noodles, and more, displaying the versatility of this traditional dish. A delicious read-aloud and perfect recommendation for every child,

any day of the week."
Starred Review

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"'My brain is magic!'— [a girl] shares examples, often using animal-connected metaphors.“Sometimes my brain is a bee, buzzing around the room,” as she flits from her rocking horse to her toys to a display of flowers. The book maintains an upbeat tone and approach throughout, while encouraging appreciation for the myriad ways brains can function in a kid-friendly, playful fashion."

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Rainbow Letters Cover Image.png

“Looking down from a candy-colored world, the 'rosy-cheeked and sparkly-eyed' children... write letters to convey their happiness, bring parents peace, and remind rainbow babies that they have loving siblings watching over them. With few picture-book reflections of pregnancy and infant loss, this warmhearted title is welcome. ”



Georgie Dupree Series

Georgie Dupree Drawn to Friends Book Cov
Georgie Dupree Classroom Confidence Book Cover.png
Georgie Dupree Sharing the Stage Book Cover.png

The Georgie Dupree series features a spunky elementary student, a loving Black family that reminds you of your own, and classmates of all backgrounds and abilities as they learn lessons of thinking outside of the box and making friends, self-confidence in the classroom, and the power of positivity and teamwork. Each Georgie Dupree book includes with free Common Core 3-subject lesson plans in the back of the book.


New Baby & Life's Milestones

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